About Us

Long story short

We at Stellar Electric & Lighting are dedicated to using our knowledge and experience to improve the lives of those we serve. The electrical services that our professionals provide to commercial and residential clients are treated as top priority, and its importance is not affected by how large or small the job is. Whether it is a large commercial project or standard wiring in a small home, we always strive to deliver the ultimate experience as we combine lighting design, installation, and execution as we bring your lighting dreams to reality.
Realizing the importance of customer service for our large and small customers, we attempt to go the extra mile to make sure that the job is done in the most professional manner, based on today’s standards for electrical service. We realize that by doing this, we are providing the best service for our customers while improving our standing in the community and building our business to be even bigger and better.

STELLAR Electric and Lighting operates at the same locations at STELLAR and founded by Shane Bala, President of STELLAR Enterprises.
Stephen Dotson joins Stellar Electric and Lighting as a President and co-founder, after running his independent business under ExpressLight for 17+ years. All activities of ExpressLight are now merged into Stellar Electric and Lighting.


STEPHEN DOTSON  –  President / Co-Founder

Stephen has over 20 years of hands-on experience in the Electrical Industry.  His roles for Stellar Electric and Lighting include President / Co-Founder, Master Electrician, and Sr Project Manager.

He has always taken a hands-on approach.  In addition to managing the daily operations for Stellar Electric and Lighting, he also performs installations of lighting control equipment and devices, and actively works on our electrical and new construction projects in the field.

Stephen brings a broad skill set and has established efficiencies in Project Management and Installation Quality.  The primary markets that he holds mastery include Electrical Systems, LED Lighting Technology and Lighting Control Systems.  His application experience includes Custom Home New Construction, Residential and Commercial Lighting Maintenance, Residential and Commercial LED Lighting Upgrades.

Additionally, Stephen has been utilized over the past 10 years for his expertise in LED Lighting Upgrades and Existing Lighting Maintenance Projects for the nations’ largest Retailers, Grocers, and FM Contractors. He has developed winning strategies for both office and field workflow along with Data collection, data management, and technology management.


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